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We provide high-quality, personalized and connected healthcare for you and your family. In a comfortable environment, in all key specialties and in one location.





Your personal physician will always have plenty of time for you. They will provide you with consistent prevention and top-quality health care. At the earliest possible date, he or she will arrange a possible visit with one of the 90 specialists who practice onsite at Health+.

We prevent the development and worsening of diseases. Targeted and regular preventive examinations with extended laboratory testing and the use of imaging methods help us to do this.

Health+ health care is built on a solid foundation of traditional science-based medicine and 15 years of experience running a premium private clinic.

40 Medical Specialties Under One Roof

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For Adults

At Health+, you'll receive superior health care with a personal touch but without the wait. Your personal doctor and our specialists will always meet your wishes and needs.
Programs for Adults

For Children

A team of experienced pediatricians and pediatric specialists will take care of your children. Thanks to our welcoming environment and sensitive approach, a visit to the doctor will not be an unpleasant experience for them.
Programs for Children

For companies

For your company, we will develop a system of precisely targeted prevention and care for your employees. We will design and build a state-of-the-art office right in your company.
Programs for Companies
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Comprehensive preventive check-up

In a short time and in one place, we efficiently examine the most significant health risks and the most common diseases.

Our Programs


Basic program – provides a suite of preventive screenings, personal physician supervision, eHealth and the opportunity to use the services of our 90 specialists free of charge.

3 400 Kč


Our core product – the ideal package containing all of our comprehensive prevention services, eHealth, extra care, physiotherapy and 24/7 call service.

5 700 Kč


VIP program for the discerning client – represents the highest standard in health care you can get. It includes 24-hour care by a personal doctor who will come to you anywhere in Prague and its surroundings.

9 300 Kč

Our Programs and Price List
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Prevention Health+

The basis of our programs is a comprehensive system of regular preventive check-ups tailored to you.

We provide a wide range of preventive examinations that you would not normally get in a conventional medical facility.

Personal Physician

Your personal physician coordinates your overall health care. They organize preventive check-ups and examinations with our specialists. They then evaluate the results and consult directly with you.

He or she maintains your medical records, checks the appropriateness of prescribed medication and informs you in detail about your health and treatment options.

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All doctors have access to your digitized medical records. We make use of modern technologies such as 24-hour measurement of blood pressure, heart rhythm or certain biochemical values.

In the client zone and in the HealthPlus mobile app, you can view your documentation, appointment dates, a list of prescribed medications or simply connect with us via chat or video call at any time.

Easy Communication

Our call center services, with professionally trained receptionists, are available to you around the clock throughout the year. They can arrange an e-prescription or coordinate your care with the doctor on duty. They can arrange a doctor's visit to your home, an examination in the emergency room or transport to the hospital.

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