Our Philosophy

The main mission to which we are committed is the reintroduction of the institution of the family doctor. One that knows you well, has time for you, and will always provide you with excellent care.

Osobní lékař Dr. Roman Košek

Your Family Doctor

We will provide you and your loved ones with superior care in all key areas and in one place. Your personal physician will be complemented by a team of 90 specialists in 40 fields of medicine under one roof.

We would love to know you, your children and your parents. Because with family history, we are able to better target prevention and make a diagnosis more quickly.

Ample Time, Personal Attention and Coordination of Care

Our doctors work with one-third the number of clients than the usual standard. That's why they always have more than enough time for you. This allows them to get to know you better and address your concerns more effectively.

We want to complement top Czech medicine with even better coordination of care. If you need a specialized examination, your personal physician will arrange it. You will then undergo it directly with us. At a time that suits you.

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Contemporary medicine is mainly focused on healing. We recognise that consistent and regular prevention is essential to maintain your health.

As our clients, you will receive preventive exams once a year with enhanced laboratory testing or the use of imaging. In this way, we can detect some diseases early or prevent them altogether.


Your complete documentation in a secure electronic format is available not only to our staff, but also to doctors at our partner clinics.

This enables us to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases using expert diagnostic solutions with today's modern methods.

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