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"It's important for us to build a friendly and welcoming environment at the core of our team. We are convinced that this is how you, our clients, will feel the friendly atmosphere."

doktor Šubrt
MUDr. Oldřich Šubrt, CSc., MBA.
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At Health+, you will be cared for by top personal physicians and dozens of other specialists in all key fields of medicine. The trust between you and your doctor is extremely important to our philosophy of care.


An experienced and patient nurse is every physician's right hand in organizing client care.

It is essential to us that each physician works with their own nurse. This way, they will both know you well and give you their true attention.

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Customer Service

In order to provide you with the service we are committed to, we need great receptionists and customer service representatives.

They are the ones who answer your questions and fulfill your requests. Together with your personal physician, they help organize your prevention and care and provide communication with our team of specialists.

Health+ Management

We don't believe in the "Don't knock!" philosophy on our surgery doors. Our open door policy is the foundation of our clinic operations. The doors of our management are open not only to our team, but also to you – our clients.

dr. Oldřich Šubrt

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