Our Vision

In 2022, we created the Health+ vision for the next 5 years – we are the family doctor for the 21st century. We care for the health of our clients and support their active and happy lives.

vedoucí lékaři health plus

A Family Doctor for the 21st Century

We offer comprehensive modern and responsible medical care with a personal touch. Interdisciplinary networking allows us to uncover the causes of disease and treat you in context.

We use modern, internationally proven methodologies and collaborate with renowned, highly specialized institutions.

We Are Friendly, Reputable and Understandable

We build mutual trust in a welcoming environment with a homely atmosphere. We provide our services in one place.

We always have plenty of time for our clients and accommodate their time commitments. Our goal is their long-term health.

dr. Zuzana Slavíková se zdravotní sestrou

Empathetic, Patient and Experienced Team

We follow innovative practices in personalized medicine
We collaborate with other healthcare professionals to develop new treatment trends
We are willing to use the latest information and communication technologies
We are interested in our clients' opinions and want them to be satisfied
Our Team


We are a stable, internationally respected company with a good reputation. Our focus on our clients' needs and their trust ensures our continued growth.

We provide a secure environment for our employees and support their training and professional development.

fyzioterapeutka Mgr. Monika Matyášová

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