Modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment in context
HealthPlus mobile app and client zone for easy communication
Documentation, appointments and medication review in one place
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Digitalization and Telemetry

Our physicians securely share complete medical documentation electronically with each other. This creates a unique interdisciplinary connection that enables more efficient diagnosis and treatment.

By telemetrically measuring your blood pressure, heart rhythm, sleep apnea or certain biochemical values, we can more accurately determine the causes of your difficulties.

Client Zone and HealthPlus App

The client zone and our mobile app allow you to conveniently access your medical records, appointment times or a summary of your prescribed medications. With a few clicks, you can contact your personal physician or our reception.
Access to your complete medical records
Medication overview including package leaflet and dosage
Video consultation and chat with the doctor
Two-way handover of documents or prescriptions
Notification of upcoming appointments
Quick contact at the reception desk
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Download Our HealthPlus Mobile App

Chat and Video Call with Your Doctor

Need to consult about your condition or fill a prescription? Get in touch via chat or video call.

We're here for you every weekday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm
We can transfer documents and prescriptions over chat
We save you time
We speak several world languages
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How to Enter the Chat?

Before logging in for the first time, please contact our reception to obtain your access details.

After logging into the client area or mobile app, click on the chat icon. On a computer, it is located in the bottom right corner of the screen, on a phone, in the main menu.

When the chat starts, select whether you want to address an administrative or medical issue. You will then be connected to a receptionist, nurse or doctor.

At any time during the conversation, you have the option to switch the chat to a phone call or video call.

Privacy Policy

Health+ handles personal information, including about your health, in providing its services. This requires the highest level of protection and security. Read more about how we handle your data. 

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