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Update on Covid-19 Vaccination

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Dear Clients,

Due to the reported increase in the incidence of positive tests for covid-19 in the Czech Republic and the interest of clients in vaccination, we bring you this update:

  • Vaccinations are being administered directly through Health+, with dates based on client interest
  • Vaccination with the 2nd booster dose is available from 18 July
  • Vaccination is available for persons 18 years of age and older, at the earliest 4 months after the previous 1st booster dose
  • Vaccination is recommended across the board for people aged 60 years and older who are at risk due to deteriorating health
  • Only Comirnaty (Pfizer) and SpikeVax (Moderna) vaccines are currently administered as the second booster dose; the same vaccine as used for the first booster dose is recommended
  • The Nuvaxovid vaccine (Novavax), which is also available in our clinic, cannot yet be used for the booster dose. However, it is anticipated that approval for its use for re-vaccination will be granted by mid-September 2022. Further information will be forthcoming

If you are interested in receiving the vaccine, or consulting your personal physician, please contact our Customer Service Center at


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