Glucose monitoring system FreeStyle Libre 2 in Health+

In recent years, there has been a great technology development in the field of diabetology that significantly simplify the life of diabetic as well as non-diabetic patients and at the same time help to improve the control of this disease. One of the new technologies is the FreeStyle Libre 2 - instant glucose monitoring system that we offer to our clients, which we discussed with Dr. Barbara Jónová, MD.

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How does FreeStyle Libre actually work?

The principle of the FreeStyle Libre 2 system is based on a sensor that is inserted into the client's subcutaneous tissue, most often in the upper back of the arm. This sensor measures the concentration of glucose in the interstitial fluid over a period of 2 weeks and, using bluetooth, the measured values are stored in the FreeStyle Libre Link app on the smartphone, which is available for both Android and iOS phones. Glucose concentrations are updated every minute, stored for 8 hours, and sent to the mobile app every 15 minutes. The app can also be used to enter meal times, or the time and amount of insulin applied.

It is important to remember that we measure the glucose concentration in the interstitial fluid and therefore it may have a certain delay (5-10 min) compared to the values from the glucometer, when the measurement is performed from capillary blood.


What is your experience with FreeStyle Libre 2?

At Health+ we are offering this system to ourclients as of May 2023. It helps us tailor diabetes medication directly and helps the client understand the behavior of glucose concentration during normal daily activities such as eating, physical activity and sleep. By doing so,together we achieve better diabetes control and thereby reduce potential complications that could significantly impair our clients' quality of life.


Does the doctor have to apply the sensor to the patient, or can he do it himself?

The application of the sensor using a special applicator is quite simple and the client can easily handle it even in home conditions. Subsequent wearing of the sensor does not pose any limitationin normal daily activities, including bathing.


What else can I track with FreeStyle Libre?

In addition to the current glucose concentration,the FreeStyle Libre 2 system also shows trend arrows that predict the rate of change of this concentration. It is also equipped with adjustable alarms that alert the client if the sugar level is too high or low. The technology also includes LibreView cloud storage, which offers intuitive summary reports and sharing of measurements with the treating physician.


Does it have any more "gadgets"?

Another advantage is the ability to share glucose concentration data with family or friends using the LibreLinkUp mobile app, which is especially appreciated by parents of diabetic children. Real-time monitoring of glucose concentration levels during normal daily activities such as diet and physical activity helps to individualize therapy literally to each client, motivating them to adhere to treatment recommendations and thus contributing to better compensationfor this chronic disease.  


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