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Rebranding in progress and a brand new website

New visual identity Health+

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As we wrote in March newsletter, we have decided to revive the Health Plus Programme after 15 years of its existence. Since last year we have been preparing a complete re-design. Currently, the new logo, identity and all the graphics are starting to change on our buildings, appear in documents, our building navigation, interiors, and starting in July, we will be running a brand new website

The transition to a new domain is also part of the changes. As of July, all company e-mail addresses will be in the format 

All incoming emails that arrive to the old e-mail address will be automatically redirected to the new mailbox. Therefore, it will not happen that any e-mail is not delivered.

client zone and the HealthPlus application will also get a new look. However, all functions will at the same time remain unchanged. In case you need any assistance with the set up or during logging in please contact our reception at 227 071111 or

We hope you enjoy the revived Health+ as much as we do.


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