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Health+ranked in the Forbes magazine's list of the largest family-owned businesses for 2023. We are the only healthcare company on this list.

HealthPlus - Největší rodinné firmy 2023 — Forbes

E15 and

"Although it is almost a national custom to complain about the quality of Czech healthcare, the numbers often say otherwise. In terms of availability, waiting times and modern medicines, we are above the European average. We are worse off in terms of morbidity and mortality from preventable diseases." Read the commentary of the director and founder of Health+ MUDr. Oldřich Šubrt, CSc., MBA in the E15 and also another commentary on premium healthcare in the economic newsletter

Deník a

At the end of June, the print and electronic versions of the Deník published an article summarizing the benefits offered by individual insurance companies as part of preventive care. MUDr. Pavel Šnajdr contributed his recommendations on which preventive checks and screenings a person should undergo.

Co vše nabízejí jednotlivé pojišťovny: Jaké jsou benefity, příspěvky na prevenci -Dení (


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