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Donation for the Department of Pediatrics at the General University Hospital

At the end of 2021, for the second time, our clinic made a substantial financial donation to the Švejcar Foundation for Children – Karlov (Švejcarova nadace dětem – Karlov), which aims to improve the level of care for children and adolescents in the Department of Pediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders at the General University Hospital (VFN) in Prague. The details of its use were unveiled by the Chief Medical Officer MUDr Pavel Srnský.

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A helpful donation by Health+ to the Department of Pediatrics of the General University Hospital
"As in the previous year, we at Health+ are donating a significant sum to purchase an infant/toddler bed for intermediate care for our young departments at the Clinic of Pediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders (KPDPM) at the VFN. It is a TOM 2 bed from Linet", said MUDr. Srnský, the head of the clinic and also the chairman of the board of the foundation.  

Cot for 2nd Intensive Care Department
The new cot has a modern design with electric control, and is versatile and user-friendly for both the medical staff and the attendants, i.e. the parents of the children. "The cot is equipped with an anti-bedsore and hypoallergenic mattress that meets strict hygiene criteria. It will be placed in the second standard department of our clinic, where children with chronic illnesses stay or are hospitalized as part of more complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures", specified the head of KPDPM. The first bed purchased thanks to a financial donation from our clinic in 2020 is used in the 1st Intensive Care Department, where children with acute or infectious diseases are hospitalized.

‍The Top Product of its Category
Health+ has been working closely with the VFN pediatric clinic for many years. Thanks to a donation from our clinic, KPDPM has received a modern medical device that, according to the chief, can withstand comparison with the best products in its category. "Today we have equipped our Intensive Care and Resuscitation Unit with the top beds of this category. There are only two such beds in the standard departments", added MUDr. Pavel Srnský. The clinic could use more of them for its pediatric patients.

‍Improving the Environment for Patient
The Švejcar Foundation for Children – Karlov, which received the donation for the purchase of the bed, has been supporting the Children's Clinic at the VFN in Prague for more than 25 years. It was founded in honor of Prof. MUDr. Josef Švejcar, DrSc., who rebuilt the children's clinic in the Karlov complex into a modern institute after World War II. "The foundation focuses on improving the hospital environment and the conditions in which our young patients and their companions find themselves during hospitalization or outpatient examinations. Those interested in supporting our foundation will find all the information, including access to transparent accounting, on the website", added the Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the foundation's Board of Trustees. In the past, the foundation has also held public fundraisers and benefit concerts at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Charles the Great in Karlov, Prague. However, in the last two years, these activities were unfortunately halted by the epidemiological situation.



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