PhDr. Jana Procházková

Professional education


  • Registration of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to perform medical profession without expert supervision


  • Training in supervision


  • Functional specialization in systematic psychotherapy


  • Crisis intervention training, supervision


  • Training in family psychotherapy


  • Specialized test for the medical field


  • Rigorous examination – Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague


  • Training in psychotherapy SUR


  • Training in music therapy


  • Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague

Work experience

since 2010

  • Health+

since 2001

  • Na Homolce hospital, Prague 5 - Clinical Psychologist

since 2000

  • Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University, Prague - Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology


  • Children's Crisis Centre, Prague 4 - Psychologist – Psychotherapist and Manager from September 1999


  • Children's Crisis Centre - SOS Children's Villages – Clinical Psychologist


  • Marriage counselling, family and interpersonal relationships - Psychologist


  • Regional Office of National Health, Faculty Hospital I s P - Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist


  • Municipal Office of National Health, Prague - East - Nursing home - Psychologist


  • Second Medical Faculty (FDL), Charles University, Prague - Assistant Professor


  • Institute for the Care of Mother and Child, Prague - Psychologist


  • Advice Centre for College, Prague - Psychologist

Membership of professional associations

  • Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně - psychotherapeutic section, section of family therapists, integrative section
  • Member of CZMTA
  • Czech-Moravian Psychological Society
  • Czech Association of Helpline employees
  • Czech-British Foundation for Prevention of Crisis in the Family (Leeds)

Other professional activities

  • External teacher at Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University, Prague - department HV from 1990
  • External teacher at Pedagogical Faculty of Technical University, Liberec from 1997
  • External teacher at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University, Prague from 1997
  • Teacher of Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague from 2002
  • Lecturer of Psychotherapeutic self-experienced training SUR from 1995, supervisor SUR
  • Lecturing on the topic of Sy CAN, violence in the family, aggression in children, interpersonal communication, work with stress from 1995 (target groups pupils and students at basic and secondary schools, universities, teachers in nursery schools, basic and secondary schools, criminologists, judges, police, social workers)
  • Lecturer at music therapy workshops and courses for psychologists, teachers, doctors, social workers, speech therapists, rehabilitation workers from 1983
  • Lecturer at training and supervisor of crisis intervention
  • Lecturer of non-verbal techniques of Prague Faculty of Psychotherapeutic from 1994
  • Lecturer at University of JAK
  • Supervisor in school facilities (Diagnostic Institute, children's homes) health and social area (help lines, crisis centres, counselling for family, intervention centres, management of refugee camps, maternity centres)
  • Forensic expert in the field of health, branch psychiatry, specialization clinical psychology
  • Training for employees and managers of various companies such as e.g. MAKRO, Pepsi-Cola, SOLIMPEX, AHOLD, Lloyds pharmacies
  • Selection of workers for foreign missions - Charity

Language skills

  • English
  • Russian

Hobbies and interests

  • Music, theatre, garden, cat

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