Professional education


  • Attestation and licence in the field of Corrective Dermatology, Prague


  • Specialized capability and licence in the field of Dermatovenerology, Prague


  • First-level attestation in Dermato-venereology, Prague


  • Scholarship of EU Socrates Erasmus, Universidad Granada, Spain . 5th year study Research fellowship at Dermatovenerological clinic Universidad Granada, course in dermatological surgery


  • Medical Faculty, Comenius University, Bratislava - General Medicine

Work experience

since 2010

  • Health+ - vedoucí lékař dermatologie

since 2006

  • Corrective dermatological surgery of Dr.Věra Terzijská, Prague - application of botulinum toxin, filling material, work with IPL, CO2 fractional laser, CO2 ablation laser /chemical peeling / dermatological surgery


  • Faculty Hospital Motol, Prague, Departmen of Dermato-venereology and Dermato-Oncological surgery /surgery for diagnostics and treatment of nail diseases Capillaroscopy (course in capillaroscopy 9/08 Genoa, Italy) /Dermatological Surgery and Corrective Dermatology


  • Dermato-venereological clinic FNKV and 3rd  Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague 10 outpatient and inpatient dermato-venereology (research fellowship, ÚPS) /diagnostics and treatment of hair diseases /dermatological surgery and corrective dermatology led by T.Frey


  • Motol University Hospital, and 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, 1st Surgical Clinic, secondary physician, research fellowship

Membership of professional organisations

  • Dermatovenerological Society - Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně
  • Society of Corrective Dermatology and Cosmetology - Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně
  • Society of Young Dermatovenerologists - Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně

Other professional activities

  • Regular participation in congresses in Czech Republic and abroad (congresses of Czech and Slovak dermatovenerologists IMCAS, EADV, WDC)
  • Own publication activity: repeated contributions to the journal Referátový výběr z dermatovenerologie


  • 2nd Congress of Czech and Slovak Dermatovenerologists "Nail surgeries", Edukafarma, "Photoprotection"
  • 4th Congress of general practitioners "Nail Diseases", therapy
  • 21st Internacional Dermatological Congress, Buenos Aires," PNG - unguis incanratus"
  • Congress of Corrective Dermatology -"Filling materials", "Nail diseases", "Correction of infraorbital area with the use of hyaluronic acid", "Botulotoxin in less frequently used indications"
  • 4th Congress of Czech and Slovak Dermatovenerologists and Dermaparty "Correction of infraaorbital area with the use of hyaluronic acid"
  • IPVZ courses in the field of Corrective Dermatology "The principle and survey of lasers in aesthetic dermatology", "Chemical peeling"

Language skills

  • English (FCE)
  • Spanish - active
  • German - intermediate
  • French - intermediate

Hobbies and interests

  • Flamenco dancing, skiing, skating, swimming, travelling, reading

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