Professional Education


  • Master's degree in physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University Prague, specialisation in functional disorders of the locomotor system, completed in May 1999 with state final examination


  • Two year study at Healthcare Secondary School, Alšovo nábřeží, subject: rehabilitation worker, technical school leaving examination

Work Experience

since 2018

  • Health+


  • Department of Paediatric Rehabilitation, Dr. J. Haubnerová


  • Rehamed Praha, Centre of Rehabilitative Medicine


  • O. G. Group Medical Centre, Physiotherapy


  • Santé s.r.o., Rehabilitation centre


  • Motol University Hospital, Rehabilitation Clinic


  • Santé s.r.o., Rehabilitation centre


  • Thomayer Hospital, Prague 4 - Krč, Neurological clinic Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education


  • Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Clinical Rehabilitation Centre


  • Sue Ryder home, Physiotherapy


  • FTN Praha 4 – Krč, Neurologická klinika IPVZ (částečný úvazek při studiu)


  • Thomayer Hospital, Prague 4 - Krč, Neurological clinic Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education


  • Motol University Hospital, Paediatric division (part time work during study)


  • Budějovická Clinic, Paediatric Neuro-rehabilitation


  • Diagnosis and therapy of functional disorder of the musculoskeletal system (in particular painful conditions and restriction in the spinal region, disorders of joints, tendons, ligament pains, constriction syndrome, pains in cervical spine and head etc.
  • Physiotherapy in neurology
  • Post-traumatic or postoperative states: after distortions, fractures, ASK, TEP etc.
  • Within paediatrics, in particular children with central co-ordination disorder, imbalanced psychomotor development, asymmetry, defective body posture or scoliosis.
  • Physiotherapy of disorders of the pelvic floor and stress-related urinary incontinence (according to doctor’s indication, appropriate after birth and upon complaints)
  • Therapy of certain types of functional sterility by Ludmila Mojžíšová method

Professional Courses and Internships

  • Course Activation system of reflex locomotion, Prof. Vojta, M. Klemová, H. Nováková
  • Course diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the locomotor system, V. Bortlíková, V. Bezvodová, Dr J. Vacek;
  • Course Form-function-facilitation, Helena Hermachová B.Sc.;
  • Course Developmental kinesiology in manual medicine, prof. Kolář;
  • Course Therapy of scoliosis by Schroth method: Ms. Jendeková;
  • Course Sensorimotor stimulation: Dr Herbenová, Ms. Veverková;
  • Course Non-invasive laser therapy;
  • Course Rehabilitation procedures for patients with disorders of the vestibular system: Mr. Čakrt;
  • Professional internship at University Hospital Ostrava: Professional internship in conservative therapy of dysfunctional lower urinary tracts, focusing on physiotherapy of urinary incontinence, R. Holaňová;
  • Certified course Treatment of functional female sterility by Ludmila Mojžíšová method, V. Bezvodová;
  • Certified course: Physiotherapy for incontinent patients – Ostrava concept, University Hospital Ostrava – Poruba, specialist professional qualification;
  • Course Stabilisation of the spine, Ms. Veverková, Dr A. Herbenová
  • Certified course MDT – mechanical diagnostics and therapy (McKenzie), certificate;
  • Professional course Application techniques in physical therapy - Mr. Urban, certificate;
  • Course Functional dynamic stabilisation within the context of developmental kinesiology, 30.1. - 5.2.2016, certificate of completion of basic course;
  • Certified course Diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the locomotor system, certificate – specialist professional qualification
  • Certified course Application of developmental kinesiology by Vojta method for locomotor disorders in childhood, RL Corpus, Olomouc; international certificate – specialist professional qualification;
  • Professional course Hip joint within the context of HSSP, Mr. Hybš, Mr. Šádek;
  • Professional course Shoulder joint in the hands of specialists; Dr J. Žmolík, Mr. Hybš, Mr. Šádek;
  • Professional course Visceral manipulation 1 - 3, A. Zapletalová;  
  • Professional course Diagnosis and kinesiotherapy for idiopathic scoliosis in children and adults, Dr I. Pallová;
  • Certified course DNS – Dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation, certificate – specialist professional qualification.

Regular attendance at professional physiotherapy conferences.

Certification for performance of healthcare without professional supervision in the field of Physiotherapy under registration no. 024-0001-8621.

Language Skills

  • English – active - FCE
  • German – passive

Hobbies and Interests

  • culture, hiking, gardening

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